About Methodical

If the last decade has taught us anything, it’s that success doesn’t require the smartest people, the biggest data, or the latest technology. If it did, honestly, we’d be out of business.

Instead, we’ve proven time and again that ordinary people with superior methods can vastly outperform smarter, more experienced people taking a haphazard approach.

Understanding and applying the key principles at work in any field leads to better results, in less time, more of the time. You don’t need to be a genius to figure that out.

In fact, you don’t need to be a genius at all, because we identify the most effective principles and processes behind business success, then make them easy to learn and apply.

We are genuine thought leaders

Our methods lead to excellent results where it matters — in the real world. In recognition, we’ve been invited to share our ideas with organizations worldwide, including:

Microsoft, American Express, the FBI, Paychex, Google Campus, Pelican Products, CCI, Ogilvy, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Publicis, Syzygy Group, Sanlam, Contagious, O2, HSBC, Experian, The Royal Marines, The Institute of Directors, KwikFit, Dun & Bradstreet and Interactive Intelligence, to name but a few.

Our consultancy clients include an enviable roster of market-leading brands from ARM to Zoetis.

Matt Watkinson presenting on stage in a large hall under lights
Matt Watkinson speaking at Syzygy’s Digital Innovation Day, Frankfurt

We’re as customer-centric as our work

We didn’t start Methodical because we love agencies and consultancies — in fact quite the opposite. We were, instead, frustrated by the status quo. We felt that clients deserved better, and that we’d be the ones to do it.

Our clients have noticed the difference, steadily putting more business our way because we’re fun to work with and treat them right. To join the party, drop us a quick email at hello@methodical.io or give us a call.

Photo of a group of people around a table holding up glasses in celebration

We believe in systems thinking

Every business is a system: an interconnected whole inseparable from its environment. This is obviously true — but most don’t act like it.

For decades business has been dominated by reductionist approaches: breaking things down and working on them in isolation, without considering the broader context or consequences.

The results speak for themselves. 74% of projects fail outright. Half of strategic initiatives within large companies are unsuccessful. Most startups never really start up.

We offer an alternative: a structured, systems thinking approach which unlocks a higher level of decision-making power, and with that business performance.

Graphic diagram showing circular icons containing The Grid success factors linked together by lines