Artory Pitch Deck and Business Plan

Blockchain startup Artory achieves an industry first with a little help from Methodical.


Artory is a New York-based startup that uses blockchain technology to capture vetted provenance information about artworks and collectibles, bringing greater trust and transparency to these exciting but daunting markets.

The business was founded in 2016 by Nanne Dekking — an influential art world figure — with support from SAP founder and prominent art collector Hasso Plattner.


The brief

Like many businesses, Artory isn’t short of great ideas. The challenge is explaining them clearly, concisely and convincingly enough that people take action.

With this in mind, Artory approached us to help them produce detailed business plans and pitch decks for prospective clients and investors. Documents that would:

  • Provide a compelling narrative about the market opportunity
  • Clearly and concisely explain their vision, proposition and inimitable advantages
  • Describe their unique business model in concrete terms
  • Demonstrate a confidence-inspiring level of commercial and strategic acumen

Methodical did far more than just give us a compelling way to talk about Artory. They actually helped us understand our business more clearly, and brought fresh perspectives to our strategic planning. Don’t even think of launching a startup without using the grid first!

Nanne Dekking CEO, Artory


Our approach

We began by reviewing hundreds of pages of existing documents — market research reports, competitive analyses, previous marketing materials and strategic plans — highlighting the most valuable insights from each and mapping them onto the elements of the grid.

This exercise revealed Artory’s strengths, but it also exposed their strategic blind-spots which we worked together to resolve as part of the engagement.

The result was a truly crystalline understanding of Artory’s business, achieved in days not months by using the grid as a framework.

With this rock-solid foundation in place, we created skeleton outlines for both the pitch deck and business plan, then copywriting began. The goal was absolute clarity and concision, with enough linguistic flair to keep readers engaged.

We also wrote a snappy new mission statement and compelling descriptions of Artory’s proposition that would be reused across all media.

The final stage was visual design — creating a sophisticated yet minimal look and feel that reeked of quality. With a few final rounds of polishing, nips and tucks, the end result was nothing short of transformative.


The result

Artory not only met their ambitious 2018 funding targets, they made headlines around the world after securing a landmark deal with the world’s leading auction house Christie’s.

In November 2018, sales from Christie’s auction of the Barney E. Ebsworth Collection — the greatest privately owned collection of American Modernist art — were registered with Artory, including the record-breaking Chop Suey by Edward Hopper which sold for $91,875,000.

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Our project with Artory perfectly demonstrates just how well the grid works as a framework for structuring business plans and pitch decks.

Combining this strategic rigor with our team’s first-rate communication and visual design skills produced results we could all be proud of: beautiful, compelling presentations that win hearts and minds.

Matt Watkinson CEO, Methodical

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