Behind the scenes

People often ask how we came up with the grid. The short answer: blood, sweat and years.

  • More research than we ever want to do again

    It turns out that identifying all the factors that make or break a business is quite a research project. The good news is that we consulted the subject matter experts, read 192 reference texts and took 347,000 words of notes so you don’t have to.

  • Eighty-second time lucky

    We could probably have stopped working on the grid around version forty, but we had a nagging feeling another level of simplicity and elegance was possible. It was another year, and another forty-two iterations later that we found it.

  • The writing process

    People often ask what it’s like to write a book, then often wish they hadn’t. We had our fair share of set-backs on the way but we’re immensely proud of the result, and that’s what matters most.

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