Our consultancy services unlock the full potential of the grid, helping you pinpoint growth opportunities in record time, communicate your ideas more powerfully, and get more value from every project.

Growth strategy

Pinpoint your most exciting growth opportunities in record time.

Like a SWOT analysis on steroids, the grid’s powerful structure reveals the quick wins that can boost performance overnight, and the strategic opportunities that offer the greatest returns.

What’s more, by presenting findings on the grid itself, you can wave goodbye to tedious reports and PowerPoint marathons, and get straight to work.

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The grid helps us quickly evaluate our performance from all angles — root causes and next steps just leap out of the model.

We can present our findings on a single page, making the approval cycle quicker, easier and more rigorous.

Kamila Hutchison Equigroup, Australia

Business plans and pitch decks

Presentations that inform, inspire, and leave an indelible impression.

It began with a call from a client: “The grid is great for thinking through a business idea, your design team does beautiful work, and people love the style of your books and keynotes. Could you put them all together and write our pitch deck?”

We’re glad we said yes. Since then, by combining our unique expertise in strategy, design and communication, we’ve helped startups and global corporations alike define and communicate their ideas with transformative results.

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Methodical took our current marketing materials and absolutely transformed them. We went from wordy industry jargon to a clear, concise story that anyone could get interested in.

From the content to the visuals, they delivered an A+ product and were easy and efficient to work with. Win, win, win all around.

Jamie Burgess Marketing Director, Flex Digital Health

Grid implementation

More productive projects. Less paper pushing.

Big companies have hundreds of live projects at any one time, each consuming valuable resources. Unfortunately a staggering number of projects fail outright.

Making the grid part of your gated project initiation and approval process increases the odds of project success, while both simplifying and accelerating the approval process.

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Within weeks of implementing The Grid, we killed 25% of projects in our portfolio, freeing our team up to focus on the highest-value opportunities.

Jeff Held VP of Information Systems, Starin Marketing Inc.

The Grid book

Clear, concise and crammed with inspiring examples — The Grid is a business book you’ll actually enjoy reading.

Photo of the grid book standing up showing front cover and spine
Photo of the grid book standing up showing front cover and spine