Customer experience workshops

Master the Methodical approach to customer experience with our practical workshops.


Learn a reusable process for the future.
Leave with a list of high-impact improvements.

Our standard four-session workshop gives you everything you need to
create great experiences for your customers.

Session 1

Journey mapping

You’ll step past departmental boundaries, defining end-to-end journeys from the customer’s perspective.

By discovering the journey stages that are left to chance and satisfaction-sapping wait times, you’ll be spotting fresh opportunities in no time.

Session 2

Expectation modeling

Our expectations determine our satisfaction with any experience, but few brands consider how they are set and met along the customer journey.

Our unique approach to expectation modeling is not just the key to creating noticeable, memorable improvements — it’s the secret sauce that allows you to prioritize them by impact.

Session 3

Challenges and opportunities

With an end-to-end view of the journey, and a clear picture of where you meet, exceed and fall short of expectations, it’s time for your team to get creative.

Using the principles from our book, your team will identify which factors affect each stage the most, then generate ideas for improvements that will have real-world impact.

Session 4

Priorities and wrap-up

To bring the day to a close, all that remains is to take all the great ideas your team has come up with and prioritize them by cost and impact.

By the end of the session not only will your team share a clear understanding of the opportunities, they’ll be heading back to the office with a prioritized roadmap of real-world improvements.

Final stage

Written report

Your hard work is done, but ours is just beginning. That’s because we take the outputs of the workshop, clean them up and document them in a written report that can be shared across the business and referred back to as you implement improvements.

Where are the workshops held?

Wherever you like — from a farmhouse retreat to a Four Seasons resort.

How many people should attend?

We’ve run sessions from a handful to hundreds of people. We bring an appropriate number of facilitators to make sure everyone gets the attention they deserve.

Can you create a custom workshop?

Yes — we’ve created entire custom programs from scratch with great success. We also tailor every workshop to a client’s unique needs.

What do we need to bring or prepare?

We’ll work together early on to learn about your business and make sure our sessions hit the spot. We bring everything you need.

Methodical ran a fantastic customer experience workshop for our management team. The sessions were well-planned, with strong content and expert facilitation.

Methodical took their time to understand our business and tailor make the session to our needs. From start to finish the preparation, session and follow-up was faultless.

Feedback from the team was incredibly positive, not only did they learn a great deal but they were able to apply what they learnt as part of the workshop.

Cannot recommend enough!

Louise Laban Strategy & Marketing Director, 
Omnicell UK