Our story

Our journey began over a decade ago with the user experience boom. As individual consultants, our team developed deep expertise in user research and testing, requirements gathering, UX and visual design.

Over time, as touchpoints multiplied and social media gave consumers a louder voice, we expanded into customer experience — adding segmentation, journey mapping and service design to our skillsets.

Customer Experience

After the success of co-founder Matt’s first book, The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences, we became increasingly involved in strategic discussions.

Frustratingly, we found that projects often lacked clear strategic goals and measurable success criteria.

Even the most talented, hard-working teams failed to create value for customers or the business because projects often simply didn’t address the real problems or opportunities. The time and money wasted was astronomical.

Photo of an open spread of The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences book with the bookmark flap on chapter 6

The Grid

Sensing opportunity, we got to work on a new tool that would be the first of its kind — a way to see all the factors that determine business success on a single page, allowing people to see their business as an interconnected whole for the first time.

After five years of research, the result was a second publication in 2017 — The Grid — shortly followed by the foundation of our strategy practice, alongside our existing design and customer experience business.

At this point, the core team formally joined forces having worked together for almost a decade, and the Methodical brand was born, with teams in both Silicon Valley and London.

Photo of nine copies of The Grid book resting on their long edges with the spines showing