The Leader’s Guide to Customer Experience

Indispensable advice for planning, managing and measuring CX initiatives that deliver real-world results.

The Leader's Guide to Customer Experience Report

Written in direct response to the questions and concerns of senior executives and leaders at many of the world’s top companies, this succinct guide explains when customer experience improvements can help your business succeed and when they can’t.

It shows how to structure projects that deliver real-world results, and how to measure their impact. It explains how to create improvements that customers really notice, and who should be responsible.

In short, it consolidates the lessons we’ve learned over the last five years into a brief, digestible guide for senior decision-makers.


  • Introduction
  • Decide what you mean by customer experience and what you don’t
  • Diagnose the problem before prescribing customer experience as the solution
  • Treat customer experience as a means not an end
  • To demonstrate success, use goal-specific metrics
  • Structure your customer experience programs to deliver real-world results, fast
  • Tackle CX challenges at the root or don’t expect big, long-term gains
  • Make everyone responsible
  • Create better memories, not better experiences
  • Use principles to make systematic improvements
The Leader's Guide to Customer Experience Keynote

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In recent years, businesses have become obsessed with customer-centricity, yet many of their initiatives are not leading to improvements customers notice or tangible business results.

In this lively session, aimed at senior managers and leadership teams, we explain why reality isn’t living up to the hype and what we can do about it.

To join the hundreds of industry leaders who have already benefitted from our results-driven approach to customer experience management, just drop us a line.

  • The Leader’s Guide session was thought provoking, highly interactive, and very warmly received by our senior leaders. Methodical challenged our approach and mindset, and guided us to seriously re-think some of our biases. One delegate remarked that the session alone was worth the effort of flying from Bangalore to California!

    Thomas CadmoreARM
  • The presentation really shook up our thinking around CX and some of the nonsense that exists around achieving it. Big takeaway — our expectations determine our perception of any experience and CX is everyone’s job.

    Alana PellowUniversity of Auckland Management School
  • The Leader’s Guide to Customer Experience has been a smash hit with our members, many of whom are already world leaders in customer experience. CEOs and CFOs want to fund a clear plan that delivers results, not a hope — the Leader’s Guide gives them a roadmap to do exactly that. Highly recommended!

    Cecilia StewartCCI, Inc.

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